"SavageChic... And the Women Behind the Movement"

Kelli Thomas

A little bit about SavageChic…

SavageChic was born out of a mutual love for fashion; specifically, cute, sassy, eye-catching t-shirts and sweatshirts. SavageChic is a family-owned business. Cousins, Kesha Savage and Kelli Thomas decided to take a leap of faith and start a business. Both, a noun and an adjective, SavageChic accurately describes their personalities: “a little savage…but always chic!”

Kesha and Kelli wanted to create stylish designs that would resonate with the women and men who purchased their products. They were inspired to step into entrepreneurship by creating a  legacy to leave to their children. They wanted to show them how to build a business, as well as, leave a legacy for them to continue. Their goal is to build an empire for their heirs. These ladies are focused. They are determined to grow their business by providing, both, quality products and service. Kesha and Kelli plan to add other products to the SavageChic line in the upcoming year.


Kesha is an always stylish, jet-setting, ball of fire. She’s an awesome mother to a college-bound daughter, a great friend, and a go-getter. Kesha has a passion for fashion which is partially funded by her clothing resale and consignment ventures. You can shop her closet via Poshmark, and EBay; you can even find items from her closet in your local consignment store. Kesha lives life boldly, as a risk taker that walks by faith. After laboring, in search of her divine purpose, SavageChic was birthed. The designs “I Am...” & “The Struggle is Real...” most closely illustrate her life as a maturing woman; she knows who she is and she knows whose she is. Kesha is dedicated to living her life with no limits, loving like she’s never been hurt before, traveling the world, and raising her daughter to be a well-rounded young woman... all the while, with every hair in place. The journey, in part, will be documented through SavageChic.


Kelli is a busy working mom of three. She has two teen-aged sons and an 8-year old daughter. She, and her family, suffered the devastating loss of her husband Aaron to cancer in June 2016. His loss came after a two and a half year battle with cancer. Kelli has put her own grief aside to focus on helping their children heal and move forward. Kelli’s determination will not allow this tragedy to define or limit her. She has put her pain into writing by creating a blog, “Perfectly Imperfect”. Through the blog, she documents and shares her journey as she mends her life, and the lives of her children, back together. Kelli is focused on growing and stepping outside of her comfort zone. Starting SavageChic was definitely a step outside of the box for her. She has found her passion and purpose in writing and running their business. One of Kelli’s most personal designs thus far is “Just Breathe”. This design is based on a blog post which shares the same title. Kelli is laser-focused on creating the life she always dreamed of, while sharing her testimony through her writing, and showing her perseverance through SavageChic.


Together, Kesha and Kelli are on a movement to help others unleash their inner strength and the fire that burns inside.  They're goal is to inspire others to never hold back, letting their faith shine brighter than their fears.  Keep an eye out for their designs, you will simply fall in love, they're a "little trendy, somewhat edgy and ALWAYS SavageChic".


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  • It is absolutely amazing to know two strong and passionate women that had a idea and created a wonderful business. One that inspires and uplifts women and men. The website is awesome as well. I pray continued success with the business and all future endeavors in life.


  • CONGRATULATIONS Kelli and Kesha…..not for “stepping outside of the box”, but for saying WHAT BOX!!!!!!

    Adrie Taylor (Lyons)

  • Congrats ladies! Wishing you much success!!


  • Congratulations so proud of you


  • Congratulations chicas! It’s an honor and privilege to watch the birth and growth of SavageChic! Aim high and reach new limits! Luv and hugs for your success!


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